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Establish interim billing

Between tenants, the electricity, gas, and water services still need to be active for your property.  You have two choices: you can set up the interim utility bills to come to you, or to Jenkins Davisson.

Add Jenkins Davisson as an authorized party

You will also need to have Jenkins Davisson added to your account as an “authorized party” to discuss the utility account.  Particularly in the case of PGE, we will not be able to call and verify that your tenants have put the utilities in their name unless we are authorized.  If possible, list Jenkins Davisson in general instead of a specific employee.  That gives us more flexibility in case of illness/vacations of particular staff.

Here are contact numbers:


  • Portland General Electric: 800-542-8818
  • Pacific Power:888-221-7070


  • NW Natural Gas: 800-422-4012


  • Portland Water: 503-823-7404
  • Gladstone Water: 503-557-2771
  • Lake Oswego Water: 503-635-0265
  • Milwaukie Water: 503-786-7525
  • Oak Lodge Water: 503-654-7765
  • Oregon City Water: 503-657-8151
  • West Linn Water: 503-656-4262

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