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At Jenkins Davisson we know property from the inside out. If you are considering purchasing an investment property there are more than a few angles to consider.  Our wealth of experience in all things real property can help you get some peace of mind – we’re available to consult with you in person or online. 

When we have time, we also occasionally consult on quirky development/remodeling projects for our existing clients (a couple of which are described below).

Rest easy when acquiring, improving or developing property with Jenkins Davisson at your back.  Hey, even super heroes need sidekicks.

Historic Rental Renovation on a Budget

We were given the fun challenge to design/coordinate a budget remodel of a historic home.  Kitchen cabinets were hand-me-downs from a neighbor’s remodel, the kitchen sink and appliances came from Craigslist, light fixtures were found on eBay, we threw in some Ikea, and the finished product was a fun and funky space that rented immediately.  We aren’t kidding: The ads had to be pulled within hours of listing due to overwhelming response.  

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Story House Properties Project

On the more complex end of the spectrum, we assisted Story House Properties with a development project outside of Seaside.  When Portland-based stakeholders had trouble communicating with subcontractors who had not yet joined the digital age, we met them on site (and waved them down off their backhoes to chat).  When the owner and general contractor needed to scout the property, we waded the river.  When things got bureaucratic, we interfaced with the owner, architect, general contractor, and local government to keep things moving with planning/permitting.

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